Features to look for in a web hosting package

Any website that wants to appear on the internet must be hosted on a server. A web server is a term used to refer to either a software or hardware that helps deliver content that can be accessed by other people through the internet. 

There are many companies offering web hosting services with varying features and prices. Typically, most web hosting packages’ pricing will vary depending on its features, and more so the amount of disk space and bandwidth. The following are however essential features common with any hosting package, irrespective of pricing. Click here to see all Bluehost features and offers.  

Storage/Disk area

A Website hosting account has an allotment of disk space that may be rented on a server. The volume of storage will include the entire content of the internet pages, any picture or different multimedia content material can also be utilized on the pages. The space should also be enough to cater for mails and other user’s subsequent data. More space can also be required for more than a few log records data which might be generated via the server and/or web applications that helps to keep track of visitors to the web site and what pages they click on. 

Data Transfer/Bandwidth

Data transfer is the most important issue whilst opting for dependable hosting package. Data transfer is how much info is being moved on a monthly basis. A web site may not be accessible if the information transferred exceeds what the package is allocated per month. Going beyond the allocated bandwidth can therefore result in a slow rate of data transfer or even a complete shutdown of the website. Choose a plan with extra data transfer allocation, slightly above what you need in odder to cater for additional site visitors and content.

Bandwidth is how much data can be moved within a particular period. The less bandwidth allotted, the slower a website takes to load irrespective of the internet speed of the website visitors. A high bandwidth is pricey because it drains and takes the servers resources and potentially affect other customers’ websites performance on the same sever.  

Control Panel Features

The most important task that a site owner has is growth and control of the website(s) and its content material. The control panel (cPanel) features the gear for uploading and managing web sites, sub-domain names, domains, FTP debts, developing parked domains, protecting directories, add-on domain names, redirecting visitors to every other location, website statistics, spam filters and virus protection, back up data, security and privacy tools, just to name but a few. If the hosting package has a demo module, make sure you pursue it to check these features. 

Email Features

Email hosting offers a range of features both for business and individuals. Some of these email features that you should look for in any hosting package include customized email address, web-mail which should also be accessed from mobile phones, export/import address book, mail forwarding, calendar alerts, unlimited storage, auto-responders, phone and email tech support and email filters that protect from spam and virus. 


Any hosting package that categorizes itself as reliable must have this feature. Guaranteed uptime simply means a website is guaranteed to be online for at least 99.9 percent of the time, and available to requests. This guarantee should include server uptime, network uptime, service and web server uptime, which should also include 24/7 support. Bluehost hosting has a great performance and uptime. Look at the bluehost coupon link

Building Tools

Even without prior experience or knowledge, website and blog building tools are often offered to clients as part of the hosting package. More advanced website building tools do teach about how to add a blog, guestbook, photo album, newsletters, forums, FAQ module, banner rotator, visitor tracker, auto installer software for blogs, galleries and much more.